I'm a bridesmaid, so what hairstyle should I get?

I'm a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding and she said we can have our hair up or down, we don't have to look the same. Does anyone have any suggestions for a hairstyle?


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  • I met a girl at a wedding recently who wore an up-do that had some funky messiness untop and a couple of random braids which I thought was pretty cool. Based on your skin complexion, I think it would make you look sophisticated and exotic. I think it would look even hotter in dirty blonde.

    • If you had any f*cking sense kingofnature (which you don't) you would realize that is a picture of a celebrity, I'm not going to waste my time on you anymore, so goobye and you are blocked :).

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  • I'd say get straight pink highlights in curly blond hair. However it's up to you. My advise on the other hand would be to check what the bride's hair is going to be like because you want to look nice but you don't want to steal the show from her.

  • Shave it all off, you already look like a chipmunk, why not try to set a record and look like a bald chipmunk?

    • What a dumb a**, if you had any sense like the other moron (kingofnature) you would be able to tell that the person in the picture is not me, so go f*uck yourself and have a nice day. And you have a lot of balls for posting anonymous (sarcasm intended).

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