Girls, hair dye question?

OK, so I dyed my hair a reddish brown but didn't really like it, but couldn't decide what to do. I finally decided to try to dye it back as close as I could get to my natural color (a light ash brown), but I have like 3 inches of roots. :/

I really want to fix it, but what I want to know is, if I dye it with permanent dye, will I have a 3-inch ring of less red, lighter hair where my roots are or will it cover it all more evenly than that? I have a brass/red tones blocker to put in the dye if that makes any difference. Please please help!


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  • It's gonna be really hard to fix that by yourself. Since you've already dyed it 2 times right in a row, a third time would not be good because of all the damage. If you can, go into a salon and get it dyed, they'll be able to fix it on the first try, it may take you more. If you have to fix it on your own, I'd suggest dying it a bit darker than your natural color so it covers everything and blends the two colors together. Also if you do it on your own make sure it's a WARM tone because you have some reddish hair it sounds like. Good luck!


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