If she looked sad and we are not on good terms, why would she feel that way?

me and this girl both had a thing for each other then down the road we fought then got back together and then fought. we never dated but we got real close and we both had feelings for each other but I think she was just too either nervous or didn't know what to think when we moved on cause she's really never been in love and I knew I was the hardest guy that she fell for but my question is this. We are not on good terms trying to make things better like she won't talk to be but she said she'd be there for me always but when the time came she never was there for me but I saw her today at the local supermarket and she turned around and we both made contact and she didn't look away right away she looked at me for about 3 secs real hard then put her head down as in she was shocked to see me and she also looked real sad. If she looked sad and we are not on good terms why would she feel that way?
Also? Should I call her and ask her why she felt like that even tho we ain't on good terms? would it make things work or would this be an opening for me to talk to her?


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  • She feels bad for the break up. Just because it didn't work out does not mean that the feels that she has for you are over. Just like you haven't turned your feelings for her off. But you two have been through so much on-off-on-off, it may be time to just let it go. Sometimes we can love someone very much but know we just can't be together. Too much "crap" so to speak, that just can't be mended.

    Give it time, move on. Grieve the loss.

    • Ive never been in love neither and I've never feel so hard for a girl like her. She means a lot to me and it just freakin sucks ya know? There must be something I can do? I've poured my heart out to her sent her messages tellin her how sorry I was. The last argument all started over by me getting a little upset bout something she did and I told her that she wasn't sorry for what she did and I would always bring it up. I'm really sorry for what I did and she doesn't see it. I miss a lot between us /:

    • Are you saying you've never been in love before? But you love her? It sounds like you 2 have so many problems. If you do even think about getting back together, do yourselves a big favor & get couples therapy to explore why you 2 keep messing up. This constant bickering & fighting is not a good relationship & not good either of you. You need to find out why you keep bringing up stuff. That's not fair fighting. I know you miss her. Ask her about therapy, see if she'll go with you.

    • Where did I say I loved her? like and love are completely different things. We were close but not fair enough to say that to each other which we never have lol. Therapy also? Jeez I guess I ain't asking people questions on here again if people are going to be like this. Alls I wanted was a little help but I guess I gotta do it myself.

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