How to make a guy look at you? More than a friend?

Okay, so I am having a party this weekend and its a pool party,and I am inviting this guy I like. How do I get him to look at me in my bathing suit and how to make him look at me?

Oh, and how do I flirt with him without him or anybody else knowing I am flirting?


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  • just be outgoing and lively around him. And there isn't much way to flirt without anybody knowing. Its something that most people instinctively pick up on. And you probably want him to know your flirting with him if you want em to return the feelings you have.

    • Okay, how do I flirt and attract him?

    • be energetic, smile at him, laugh at what he says, look him in the eyes, if your comfortable get close and touch up on his arms or chest etc. Just make yourself more noticeable than any other girls in the area.

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  • its hard to flirt without others catching on. but make sure you stay around him. use your peripheral vision. if he goes into the back yard, go back there too. if he's in the pool, get in the pool and swim past him. if you KNOW he's looking at you, make sure you look back and smile and stuff. just make sure you have no wasted efforts (by that I mean looking or doing stuff towards him when he's not looking). if you do that stuff when he's not looking then other people will see what you're doing. also feel free to bump into him in the pool, splash water at him, that sort of thing! be fun! good luck:)

    • That helps thanks! But, how would I flirt? I also don't want him to think I am stalking him, because he might avoid me.

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    • Thanks... now I know what to do!

    • goood, now you just have to execute lol.. don't overthink at the party. good luck :)

  • it is hard to flirt withought any one noticing it happenning. if your in a bathing suit I'm sure he will be looking at you most guys will check girls out in that situation, just because we are curious as we tend to see our friends fully clothed.


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