Was I right to break up with him?

So my boyfriend (ex now) and I had been going out for about 8 months, things were amazing! Him and I get along really well. We rarely fight about anything, things were great. So we ended up going out to dinner (which had been planned for 2 weeks.) Things are good we were talking and laughing then out of no where he completely started being really mean to me. He went into this huge thing about me not dressing provocative enough, and how I'm not offering him anything. I couldn't believe it. I'm still in shock. He had compliment me on my clothes many times and I hadn't changed my look since we were together. He just completely shot me down in a few minutes. I've never felt so bad before. I broke it off that night. Was I right to do that? Or did I overreact? He has always been so nice to me, then changed in a split second, I have no idea what to do. Thank you.


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  • your both at fault and its important that you both understand that and accept it.

    Also, he is your boyfriend and shouldn't be making you feel unattractive or be mean to you that's just messed up. His job is to love you for you and accept you.

    You might have jumped the gun, when you broke up with him. You could have asked him what he wanted you to change or why does it bother him so much.. letting him know him words hurt could have nice too and maybe thinks could have been a little different.

    you two should try to talk it out.

    • I forgot to put in there that we did talk about it. After dinner we went our seperate ways, and I called him to talk about it. To see what his issue with me was all of a sudden. He just went into the same thing that I don't dress revealing enough, and that my hair isn't done right. Just picking on anything he possibly can pick on. That's when I broke it off. I have no idea what his problem is. I don't dress to be eye candy for guys, so I thought it was rude that he wanted me to show skin for him

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    • That's what I thought! I have a retro vintage vibe to my clothes. He knew that when we met haha. Thanks! :)

    • good for you..exactly he knew what you dressed like before.. you shouldn't have to change yourself for someone if you do, they don't love you..good luck and thanks for best answer

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