Would it be lame to meet for coffee in workout clothes?

I'm supposed to meet this guy I met online tomorrow for coffee. But since I'm going to the gym right after we meet, I'm going to be in my workout clothes and not regular clothes. I don't want it to be super awkward.

So do I...

~Just meet him in my tank top and yoga pants?

~Push off meeting him for another day? (We were supposed to meet today but I have to hit the gym and then I have errands to run, so I can't).


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  • It's not lame to meet for coffee in workout clothes, but rather a matter of what sort of message you might wanna exude - interested in him or just friends, etc.

    If you are still considering him as a potential dating partner, push off meeting him another day, especially if you are very image-conscious/bother to dress up and look good in front of others (coz wearing tank top will only send a message that you couldn't even be bothered to look good in front of him). Should you push off this meeting, make sure you make it to the next one. It's not a good idea to make empty promises especially towards someone you are interested in.

    If he doesn't matter that much to you as a potential partner and if he's just a friend, either options doesn't quite matter really.

    If he's a potential/already a business partner, push off your gym :P

    Best choice is to bring your gym clothes and the things you need to prep for gym along, as what many has suggested. It's a win-win situation after all. Ultimately, think about what you really want with this guy and go with your gut feeling. The choice is yours.

    • Wow thanks! So what's your decision?

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    • Lovely! Hope it went well :) <3

    • It did! :) Thanks for asking.

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  • Push off the meeting! A couple years back I had started to see this girl. The first time we went to get coffee, she was in her work clothes. That isn't a big no-no, as work clothes are pretty neutral. She had just got out of work, wasn't a big deal. But I think it was on our third meeting, we met up and she was wearing her work out clothes. That was the exact moment I went "Guess she isn't all that interested."

    If you're meeting this guy with the hopes of any sort of romantic future, the last thing you want to do is send the message "I'm not too concerned with how I look" and work out clothes definitely send that message. I would expect work out clothes from a friend who needed to meet up with me for some specific reason in a rush, not somebody I'm just meeting and trying to determine if I'm interested in or not.

    You can discard this as focusing too much on looks if you want, but first impressions are EVERYTHING, and sending the message that you aren't too concerned with looking your best when meeting a possible romantic interest is the WRONG message to send.

    • I figure he must not be that interested if he needs to meet me for coffee to decide that he wants to go on an actual date that isn't cheap and quick. Don't you think?

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    • I guess you're right there. And working out means that I do take pride in my appearance because I want to stay in shape but I can see how you'd say it looks like I don't care about making a good first impression because that's why I asked this question. Maybe I'll just bring a change of clothes like the user below suggested.

    • I think bringing the workout clothes to change when you get to the gym was an excellent suggestion. I wasn't by any means saying you'd be completely dead in the water simply because your clothes, just that it can send the wrong message. Showing up in gym clothes= "I'm just trying to fit you into my day." where as bringing a change of clothes= "I care enough about this meeting to put some thoughts into how I look and the impression I make." which is really night and day. Good luck!

  • Naw, it shouldn't be a problem. Guys generally aren't that fussy on clothes when it comes to casual coffee-shop meetups and stuff like that. It might even work to your advantage - you'd appear far more chill and casual than if you were really dolled up, making him feel a little more comfortable.

  • i think you should bring extra clothes. if the thought of meeting in your workout clothes puts any doubt in your head then don't risk it. also some people wear work out clothes but don't work out. so he may not even think "oh she just worked out" he may think "oh she just woke up and put on clothes that were easy to put on"

    unless your telling him that you're just coming from the gym of course

  • Sorry to say but I think your message comes accross as "i don't really care about meeting that guy".

    If I met a girl and she comes to our first meeting in work out clothes, it conveys the impression that her work out has more importance than meeting me, which means to me she's self-centered and care more about her daily routine than something social with anybody else.

    If it wasnn't the first time you meet him that would be different.

    Also you opening the possibility of delaying meeting with that guy because you have to hit the gym and run some errands? Wow, that guy must be very low priority to you! lol

  • Yeah it's fine! If he doesn't like to see to you all hot and bothered then he's a major lamewad.

    God I love 80s insults.

  • I doubt he'd care. It might even make him excited to see you in yoga pants lol

  • Yeah I'd put it on another day. Or as said, change at the gym.

  • why can't you just change at the gym?


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  • Couldn't you bring your change of gym clothes with you and change at the gym?

    • Do you really think such an suggestion devoid of convolution and drama is befitting for the princess herself?

      Back to the drawing board methinks!

  • meet him another day.. or at least that what'll do


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