What to do with hair? D:

okay so I have medium, wavy and curly hair, frizzy and thick hair... I don't know what to do with it D: any tips for that tip of hair? Please and thank you :)


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  • You could get a straightening perm, use good conditioners/shampoo that tame frizz, get hair thinned out, get extensions and make them curly to match your hair so your hair looks longer


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  • I want your hat.

    Hmm for thick, frizzy hair there's a number of things you can do..conditioner, straightener, I'm sure if you go to your local drug store there will be products geared towards just the type of hair you have. I have thin hair but a lot of it, so its pretty thick. I take a shower at night then right after I brush my hair out as its still wet, then let it dry by its self.

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