Do you think it's catty to be annoyed that my sister is getting her hair done exactly like mine after she...

She always scrunches her face up in disgust and annoyance when someone copies someone else's style. She says "I think people should be original." She has ALWAYS done this since I can remember! Even when I was like eleven, and because she's my older sister, she was like the example to me, so when she did something, I would imitate it. She would get on my ass (not literately..f*** no lol) and make me feel bad for doing it. Yet now she's getting her hair done EXACTLY like mine. It doesn't so much annoy me that she's getting her hair done like mine. It's just the hypocrisy of the situation! Do you think it's petty? Is it worth possibly starting an argument over? What's your opinion?
To be honest, I like my trademark hair. No one else does their hair like me. I really don't want her walking around with it and no offense...but it's not going to look good on her. I'm not just saying it lol
Idk why the hell this got posted in sexuality wtf.


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  • Girl, please don't get me started on copycats. Just wait till Halloween where everyone tries to dress like me! ;D


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