Is it vain/bad to think that you are reasonably attractive?

I mean of course I know my flaws, and used to allow myself to dwell on them all the time, but recently I have learned how unhelpful that it is, so I have started to see the bigger picture and appreciate how I am, not how I could be. and I am happy with how I look.

is this treading a fine line between healthy thought and and vanity/egoism? I don't really know - this mode of thought is relatively new to me. tell me if I am just being silly or if I am right to question. thanks.


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  • No, if you are asking this question... then most likely it's not from a vain heart. I think it's healthy to know what you have, but the point when it becomes unhealthy is when you use it as a weapon against other people. Or have that pride thinking you are better than everyone else... that's an ego issue there. Becoming happy in your own skin is one of the most amazing things a person can accomplish. I think it's a good thing to know that you are good looking :)

    • great answer! thank you.

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  • No it's a good thing. You're supposed to think highly of yourself and if you don't you either need to make changes so you do think you're attractive, or work on your confidence. I have flaws but in spite of them I'm a very pretty girl. Anyone who tries to make you feel guilty for feeling good about your looks has problems of their own.


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  • It's always good to be in touch with reality and understand how you are perceived by others. It's only bad if you draw conclusions from that information like " I am better than" or " I don't have to do (*something*) like other people do". I was a fat ugly kid all through school so when I turned 18 and girls started telling me I'm handsome it was very, very weird for me. The truth is that my self image is still the fat kid. But I've accepted that I'm not too bad looking and that's helpful when I need to be confident. Nothing wrong with that.

    • yeah, I gues it usually is dependant on my mood. I'm just trying to tackle low self-esteem and I presumed being more embracing of myself - both how I look and how I am - will help.

    • You're definitely on the right track.

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