He has eyes on another girl?

OK so this guy I kinda like today at a party the 26 of may told me that he liked me and I'm like blushing and well yeah, BUT ! Here's my confusion : yesterday the 25 I asked if the liked anyone( I wanted to she what he would say) and he told me a other girls name so at this point I'm laughing my butt out Because the girl he said ... Well its kinda weird . And today at this party I told a friend that I kinda liked him and she said to me to not Because he has eyes on another girl (the girl he told me ) now at this point am like ._. ooooohh S/#T ! Its true , ( I'm not done :)
ok goes on , so today I told him to say what the wanted to say ( that he liked me) it took him like a half an hour because he is SO shy TOTALLY the opposite of me <3 and he said only that he liked me and that was the small part and that the big part he is going to tell me Saturday at another party and I'm like ...mmmm okok just don´t forget ! and know I don´t know If he likes me or the other girl and I don´t know what to do ! , so if this has happened to you what did you do? do you have any tips?
please help anything would mean a lot :)
ok so know I'm not sure if I like him , beacuse when we chat on Facebook he is so sweet and face to face the "charm" is totaly gone ! I'm like between yes and no, please help!


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  • Just ask him straight forward who he really likes. When he tells you again that he likes you, ask him: Do you really? Because the other day you told me you like that girl! And see what his answer is.

    • Go with your feelings. If face to face (so being together) doesn't give you 'that' feeling, don't go for it. But you might also meet him a couple of times and see if it changes. If not, it's for sure a no go.

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  • He's pretty shy. Go with it and see what happens. Unless he's actively in a relationship with this other girl, he's fair game.

    • He is so shy! <3 I love it he is the TOTAL apposite of me :)

  • sounds like a shy guy


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