When and why did you wear makeup first?

Hi girls,

the daughter of a friend wants to wear makeup. That is why I have a few questions to you:

1. When did you start to wear makeup?

2. Why did you do so? (because of other girls, feeling more grown-up, teasing boys, ...)

3. In which situation did you do so? (at home, at school, at parties, ...)

4. Were you allowed to go rouged in public? If not, when did your parents had allowed it?

5. Why and when do you wear makeup nowadays? (If you do so.)

Thanks in advance!

(I have not found this question before, but if I had missed it, please sent me a link.)


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  • I started in the 5th grade, initially it was sort of experimental I guess, for dances, weekends, dinners etc. At that age I wore makeup for fun and to feel like I was all grown up. By 7th grade I wore it to school everyday. My family has been in the cosmetics and skin care business for a long time so they never restricted when/where I could wear makeup. They did however provide me with instruction, they helped me get quality products in colors that complemented my natural coloration. They told me when I did my makeup well, when I could improve and if I looked like a street walker (those are my words, not theirs, they were very tactful in telling me I made myself up to look like a prostitute).

    Now I wear it because I am not a confident person. I try and wear it whenever I leave the house but if I don't have time it doesn't ruin my day.

    I had a friend in middle school who would ask us to bring our makeup to school. Her parents had a no makeup rule so she would put it on when she got to school and wash her face before going home.


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  • 1. 13 years old

    2. Because I had mild acne and absolutely nothing I did would get rid of it...so I covered it up.

    3. At school or out in public

    4. Huh?

    5. It makes me feel pretty...without it I feel ugly and un-noticable. It covers my acne that I'm so ashamed of.

  • 1. 4th grade so about 9-10 years old

    2. My mom said I looked prettier with it on.

    3. School

    4. Yes mom encouraged it.

    5. I don't now because I want to get out the door and plus I want my friend to teach me a few of her tricks because she is like the Beauty Goddess.

  • I started wearing make-up in 11th grade because I was getting annoyed with red spot on my skin. I usually only wear foundation now if I do bother to put any on. My mom encouraged me indirectly to start because she got me makeup for Christmas. I usually only wear it if I leaving the house for more than an hour and go al out if I am going to a party or something.

  • 1. I started wearing eyeliner at 15

    2. I started because I saw one of my older cousins putting it on and I wanted to try it out as well. also, most of my friends had already started wearing it.

    3. I wore the eyeliner on a daily basis, home, school, outside, etc.

    4. rouged? like blush? when I was still in hs I didn't wear blush. but if you mean make up in general, my parents weren't against it really. my mom did say that she didn't like me to be too concerned with the way I looked, but she didn't forbid it.

    5. I wear it everyday. eyeliner and sometimes something on the lips.

    • Thanks for your answer.

      Yes, I mean make up in general with "rouged". Sorry, I'm no native speaker. How is it called right?

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    • Thank you!

    • no problem :)

  • 1) When I was 13.

    2) Because everyone else was doing it; and I guess I probably wanted a little attention too.

    3) I was in my mom's car, and found some mascara, and snuck it on. I remember feeling so rebellious. haha

    4) Yes, but I also didn't wear much makeup at that point, either.

    5) I wear makeup only when I really want to dress up. I usually don't wear it, just because I don't have that much time or energy. ha.

  • I think I was 21 and many girls wear it in college not before... Why to feel prettier and that's why I use it, it makes a huge change gives me more confidence... But as a teenager I only used for a party or something I think make Up in young girls is just a bit odd

  • I started wearing makeup in college (my mother wouldn't allow it when I was still living at home), and I did it because I wanted to be able to compete with my college peers, all of whom were wearing makeup.

  • 1. I started wearing minimal make up in my 2nd year in college.

    2. When I learned that I could look better wearing a little this and that.

    3. At school.

    4. I wear make up nowadays mainly because I really don't feel comfortable not wearing any.. I wear make up every time I go out, but just the necessary stuff only. I glam it up only on dates with my boyfriend.


  • I wasn't allowed to wear make up until I was 16. I snuck it when I was 13. I say, go ahead and make the rule, but she'll probably break it.

    I wore it at school/parties/dances.

  • 1) when I was eleven

    2) because my mom told me I could

    3) when I ever felt like I needed to hide

    4) my parents are the ones who told me I could

    5) no

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