Do you think E cup or bigger is too big for a woman?

I would rather be an E cup than be bigger than E cup because once I start breastfeeding my boobs will increase in size again I hope it will increase by only one size and not two or three sizes or else everyone will stare at me and think I got a boob job since I’m not in the US or UK but I’m in Asia. Asian women rarely have D cup or bigger, a lot of small chested ladies enlarge their boobs to F cup by using body app filters because they think large boobs are more attractive or they get breast argumentation if they don’t use body app to photoshop. There was one rich woman in my country who enlarged her C cup boobs to E cup. They don’t understand that large boobs have lots of disadvantages like back pain, your cute outfit became more over sexualised, food dropping inside your bra, finding a bra for large chest woman is a nightmare, all the large size bras are so plain and unattractive and many more.
Do you think E cup or bigger is too big for a woman?
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