Best/proper way to initiate eye contact without looking creepy?

I am a confidence guy. When it comes to initiating eye contact I tend to hold it until she looks away. Is this correct? I feel like I look too long and freak her out?



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What Girls Said 1

  • Once you make eye contact smile and look away. That way we don’t think that you are a creep. If I am the one that has to break the eye contact it is irritating, because I think the guys is weird because he doesn’t know when to look away. However once a girl notices that you are/were staring at her don’t just look away like you have been caught in a horrible crime, smile, wink let her know “Yes, you caught me, but I am man enough to leave you alone now.”

    • Are there any sure signs she's not just trying to be nice and smile back? Any body language that would confirm this?

What Guys Said 1

  • If you hold until she breaks, make sure you smile! =D If she doesn't laugh, or even smile back, I don't think she's interested... =)


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