Attraction or in my head?

There's this class I am taking at a new uni I am in. I've noticed this guy that sits in front of me and my friends every time we have class. He looks back a lot, I don't know why. I'm not even looking at him, I'm looking at the teacher. I told my friend I think he is definitely checking one of us out, but she thinks its because we're loud at times. I've noticed lately when he gets up he looks at us. He's hot! lol he never talks to us outside of class and is clearly NOT shy. what's up with him?


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  • It's difficult to say. He probably likes what he sees but that doesn't necessarily mean he's interested in dating either of you. Or he could already have a girlfriend. I was stared at constantly just recently, for several months, by a guy who, turns out, was engaged. I'll never take staring to mean anything again after that!

    Also, people do acknowledge things... if you're loud, maybe that's what caught his attention. There's no way of knowing unless he mans up and says what is on his mind. Don't go crazy trying to analyze what eye contact means. As long as people have eyes, they're going to look at anything.


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