Why do girls say "why doesn't he like my personality" when all you do is pay attention to how you look?

i hear this all the time. girls will say "he doesn't like me for my personality" yet, all I see them do is fix their hair shorten their skirt and lower their shirt. yes, primping to look "better" is one thing, but when that's all it is about you (models "cough") then why would you complain about not being liked.
maybe the problem isn't us, maybe its u!
and if anybody feels the need to attack me or argue with me on this. all your doing is proving me right. so I advise not to


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  • well, OK I understand what you mean but I don't dress as such a girl you have just described and guys don't look at me! They only look at girls who dress - heck I will say it slutty so you tell me what is up with that now?

    • because there's a diff. between showing enough and showing too much. we just happen to look at the girls who show too much, as mentioned in the ?. why do that when you want to be liked for your personality, not your looks

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    • theres a diff. between showing too much and showing enough. I can't stress that enough. you don't have to be so uptight that you look like a nun, but you also don't have to look like a p*rnstar dancing (good song by the way, look it up). showing enough is what we like, regardless of what girls say

    • lol OK ill look it up...

  • Well, some of us are conceited bitches, but definitely not the majority. Lots of girls have insecurities about how they look, so if a guy isn't into them, that's one of the first places they look. I think guys do that too. Even so, the fact that they're changing the way the look could be (somewhat) good, at least comparatively. You can change your dress without changing who you are, but changing your personality is different. And, lastly, make sure you consider the girls who don't do any changing. I think I sort of answered your question...

    • And now I realize that I didn't answer your question at all. So, here it goes (again- condensed). Some girls are like that and they're insanely annoying. Typically later on, they realize that and their attitudes change. But most of us aren't, even if we come across that way at first.

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    • not necessarily

    • Seems a bit hypocritical to me, but whatever floats your boat...

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