Are some men doomed to end up alone?

If they are unsocial, extremely quiet or so shy that they won't ever ask women out under any circumstances?

Assuming the guy is above average looking and successful
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What Girls Said 3

  • If they're good looking and successful, I very much doubt it. But if they're both unattractive, impossible to talk too, and poor at the same time - can you blame us for not wanting them? Work on your shyness, or just pray to whatever God you believe in that you're interesting or good-looking enough for anyone to care about asking you out.

  • yes, looks that way

  • If you're not approaching girls or wouldn't speak up when they approach you, how do you think you'll get into a relationship?

    • By women asking me out, obviously. Duh

What Guys Said 1

  • Nobody is "doomed " to anything. That would suggest we're powerless to change anything in our lives. We have the power to change and improve our lives. If the shyness is hindering you, put a stop to it. If you're inaction is making you lonely, it's not fate that's to blame, it's you. You don't HAVE to do anything but die.

    A desirable partner is like any of the finer things in life - you have to work for it, it very rarely justs falls into your lap. Yes, some people get lucky but are you going to give up on what you want just because it wasn't handed to you? Or are you going to decide to stop being a victim and decide empower yourself?

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    • Well they won't because society sucks that way, so you'll either do it yourself (or at least initiate a base for it) or you really will die alone. :P

      You have the choice. Nothing's really stopping you from saying "hi" to any female.

    • I shouldn't have to.

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