Should I forget her or still go for her?....Pls I need your advices....Thanks

I like this girl a lot and I want us to be more than friends...but she has a boyfriend. I really want to have her as my girl but I'm kind of discouraged cos of her boyfriend. So should I still ask her out forgetting the fact that she has a boyfriend or I should just remain friends with her?...What will you do if you were in my shoes?...


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  • If your intention is to break them up by asking her out, then I would probably not say anything. If she's already with someone, then I figure she's with him for a reason (meaning she really likes him, or loves him).

    If you simply want to tell her how you feel, I think that would be okay, but asking her out doesn't seem like the best idea.


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  • ask her out regardless of her borefriend, if their relationship is strong then it won't matter if you ask her out or not, if it's weak then they are not meant to be together anyway and you are doing her a favor by coming along


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