Why am I so attracted to him?

of all guys, I am attracted to him. charming, but a possible player. he flirts for the sake of flirting, like everybody, but even though he flirts with me, he flirts with everybody. so, I'm basically falling in like with a guy who isn't interested. now, the sad thing is, I've done this same thing I don't know how many times this semester. probably 5. why can't I get over this 1?


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  • because you can't get him that is why you want him. Diamonds really don't do much and designer purses arn't that different looking but why do you want them because other people want them and not everyone can have them.

    • but I can't get lots of guys and I accept that. and I get over him for a time, and then he does something and wham I'm back at square 1. could it be that he's actually makes me feel like a girl? most guys don't make me feel like that and this 1 does.

    • You have answered you own questions.

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