This girl won't take me seriously?

Hi I'm a 23 years old guy not a very good looking guy maybe 6/10 rating, I have been single now for about 4 years maybe because of my shyness and being sheepish and a man for few words. My friend introduced me to this girl that I found out that she's my neighbor, we have know each other now for about 4months, as time goes by I fell for her and told her that I like her, things are doing fine nothing changed when I told her that I like her, she is still talking to me nicely, laughing with me, playing jokes with me and she even become nicer to me.

Now here comes the problem, when I asked her a serious question she always responds with ( HAHAHA or HEHEHE ) and she never gets to answer the question, and even when I asked her out she always says ( maybe next time or I've already made plans for today ) and also when I told her that I would go visit her at home she says ( can you do it? ) buy when I replied that I can do it she replies ( HAHAHAHA ). Is it because I'm being to kind too her that she's not taking me seriously? I really really liked this girl but she won't give me a single chance to show her how much I like her. I'm starting to have a trauma now because most of the girls I've known lately won't take me seriously.

Im a very nice guy, simple, not a party guy, I'm not a player, focusing only on the girl I like.
sorry for my poor grammar.

what must I do?


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  • ok, honestly, the way you talk about how she treats you and stuff, she just sounds like a complete jerk. I promise, that there are better people out there. my boyfriend now is 21 and he never really dated anyone before me, he was very shy, and I kinda asked him out. lol he treats me so nice, and he deserves to be treated the same, just like you do. trust me, there are other girls out there, that won't talk to you like you're a complete idiot. you just gotta try and get out of your comfort zone a little bit, and start talking to more people. that's how me and him met, friends of friends...dont get down on yourself or anything, there is someone for everyone. it just takes longer for some people to find that special person.

    • thanks for the reply I really appreciate it a lot, and I'm kinda losing my small quantity self confidence because of this problem.

    • little amount of self confidence*

    • its no problem. don't let her do that to you, you deserve better.

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