Friend got her lip pierced when she said I shouldn't get it done?

okay so i have a close friend we basically call each other sisters . and a while back i wanted to get my lip pierced and she wass like no you shouldn't get it so then i realized it is kinda burned out so a few weeks later i visit her she has her lip pierced whatever i don't say anything in march i turned 18 the plan was to get my first tattoo she was like no babygirl don't get it yet wait me so we can both go together so i was like ok tell me why today she sends me a pic && says look at my first tattoo . i was so mad . ididnt even reply . what should i do ?


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  • If you can't work this one out...

  • when did you turn 18, in March?

    i turned 22, on the 19th, this year?

    • March 11 <3'

      Thatss Cool (:

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    • good attitude. you know how it is

    • Hahaa (:

      Lovedd By Many , Hatedd By Plenty !

      Its Just The Waay Of Life People Will Hate No Matter What .

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