Cure for Stretch Marks?

I've recently noticed stretch marks on my tummy and arms. Only cause would be weight gain. If I were to loose weight would the stretch marks disapear?


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  • No, but I got stretch marks from growing too fast when I was younger, and got rid of them completely with Olive oil :) the kind you cook with, it sounds gross but pour some in your palm and massage it on the area, like make sure to rub it in and all that, do it every night before bed and They will at least fade a lot if not disapear :)

    • Omg you're serious?

    • Ya :) lol try it, it takes a little while for them to completely go away but it worked :) and until they go away just use that Leg perfecter spray by Sally Hanson to cover them lol

  • Sometimes stretch marks go away if you lose weight, but not usually.

    I use Palmer's cocoa butter massage cream for stretch marks and it actually does work if you use it regularly. It doesn't make them completely disappear, but it makes them fade so they're skin-colored instead of purpleish or pink. I can barely see mine anymore.


    Yes, it's advertised for pregnant women, haha.

  • Probably. I have stretch marks on my inner thighs, and they went away when I lost 10 pounds. As for the stretch marks on my hips, they're here to stay. :/


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