How do I make myself send her clothing back?

I broke up with my girl because I was not getting half the love I put in. I still am missing her so much. I have 2 pairs of her undies and some jeans and shirts. I told her I will send her stuff back soon. I don't want to but I know I should. I wish I could not think about her. I want to keep her panties especially. I want to smell them and put them to my face(I know what a whack job)How do I force myself to send them back?


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  • mail them

    • she was actually really lousy to me and asked if she wanted them back. I threw them out and have ignored her and started to get over her and now she wants me back. not doin it. am dating and happy thank god and over the love-obsession thingy

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  • Tell one of your buddies about your plight, he'll take care of the rest.


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