Guys' communication styles?

So I finally got my close guy friend to admit his feelings for me after months of me showing interest in him. Right before school ended for the summer(In college) we decided that since we don't live close to each other and etc. that now would not be a good time to start a relationship, but that we would pick up in the fall where we left off. Schools been out for over 2 weeks, and although I have contacted him once by text, he has never initiated any form of communication with me. I will give him some slack because even though he is 20, he has never dated or even kissed a girl, so maybe this really isn't his area of expertise.

Yes, I know we are not dating, but as friends we would talk at least every other day, so why doesn't he want to talk to me now? Are guys just satisfied by not having regular communication?, or is he expecting me to be the initiator?


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  • You've started a relationship and he's never kissed you?

    Maybe he feels that it really isn't official and he assumes you feel the same way. He could be shy and timid to contact you, being that he has little to no dating experience. This isn't the 60s anymore and girls are more than welcome to contact guys over the phone so why not give him a call?

    • We are technically not in a relationship yet, so the fact that we have not kissed isn't a big deal to me right now. Thank you for the advice. its helped me see a different point of view.

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