How do you know if you are good looking or just average?

Wondering how you guys know if you are good looking or just average in real life (so no posting pics on hotornot)? I Am just talking about walking down the street, at the club etc.

I would like some responses from girls and guys who have had DIRECT experience (so no presuming).



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  • in my opinion, I think it comes from the feedback given by others in real life...when compliments are genuine and believable

    i used to be ugly in high school and junior high...and honestly I never took care of myself I was kind of a slob and not that girlie at all, so of course no one noticed me and my friends made fun of me sometimes, I was just being a kid and wanted to have fun play after school and ride my bike

    but I would say late high school to college and beyond, I really started taking care of myself, doing my hair, dressing up nicer more feminine, did some eye makeup liner and may be some nice lipgloss and a lot of guys really noticed me more and even now I walk to the grocery store and some stranger will yell 'hi cutie' or 'hi sexy' and I take it as a compliment, my coworkers even told my that I'm very pretty and why don't I have a boyfriend yet? lol

    not trying to brag I'm def not super model gorgeous or anything but I am unique and its all about being natural and putting in some extra effort to look decent and presentable. I am actually pretty chubby and don't have a hot body but by face people tell me I am pretty and I believe it now too. I don't have low esteem like I did in junior high.


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  • Hmm, from my experience, some days I get up, throw my hair into a bun, throw on something that counts as somewhat of an outfit, and take to the streets.

    A few guys look at me here and there, but just small glances, nothing substantial. In a few cases I've been approached (to my surprise because I thought I looked so bad that day) and asked for a number.

    Now, on the days I decide to throw on a short flowing dress, with some pumps, hair did up nice, a hint of makeup and a confident smile; I end up with more phone numbers than a phone book lol.

    My friends, classmates, co-workers always comment about how beautiful I am though; not to sound conceited or anything, but I'd say I'm an above average looker.

    So how do you know how hot you really are?

    See how the opposite gender acts around you; trust me, if your above the average good looking, you will get a reaction from people such as a look, smile, quiet remark, or even a straight forward compliment, etc...

    Plus, friends and people close to you will make statements like " You look good/pretty/hot" something along those lines, often. Not everyday, but you'll notice in certain conversations. Friends are typically honest; if your pretty attractive, they'll let you know in some way.

    Honestly, there's not standard for hotness, because everyone has different taste. Some people may think you are the sexiest person in the world, whilst others would glady disagree.

    • Hmmmm. thinking on it, I sometimes get compliments from girls (few times a year), but it is usually few far between. I never get "checked out" though. No double takes, smiles from women. I have never been approached. So I guess, I must be pretty average?

  • This depends on you and the person, one person could say that you are the hottest thing that walked the earth while the other says that you are not as hot as the guy that is behind you. Online people tend to say that I am cool but in reality I get hit on by old guys and guys that I consider a D/D- and lower. I go by the A,B,C,D,F scale instead of 1-10.

  • i would say I'm a 7 on a scale of 1-10 even though I get stared at frequently yet guys never approach me for some reason. people tell me I'm pretty but idk. sometimes I like what I see in the mirror, other times I hate it; so I guess I'm a little above average but no megan fox or anything

    • do you ever signal to a guy that you find him attractive? What would you do?

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    • hmmm I don't know, I usually kinda wait for the guy to approach me after I say hey and smile or something. and then take it from there. if I'm not interested I keep things short but still friendly.

    • when I'm interested I get too nervous so I tend to avoid him. not that I want to ignore him... many other girls also do it and wait until the guy comes to greet or make a move. I don't know how it's like with some guys.

  • i think scales are useless. people give 9 & 10 way too easily. id consider a very attractive person a 7 but people call it 9.

  • My mom tells me I'm beautiful everyday. does that count?


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  • I've come to find that with me, it's feast or famine.

    Some people tell me that I'm "the most gorgeous man they've ever seen"

    Others tell me that I'm completely unattractive.

    So I've devised that I'm somewhere between a 0 and a 10.

    I have no clarity, haha.

  • It's not easy to tell by just looking at yourself so the way you can tell is by observing how others treat you. If you're called cute or hot or attractive or whatever a lot that's obviously the biggest give away. Also, if the opposite gender tends to flirt with you or treat you differently than the next guy that's also a give away.

  • Is everything easy? Do you get your way? You're good looking.

    • Oh, and you should get hit by a bus. All the beautiful people should.

  • i tend to think I'm average or litlle above, could be more if I lost some more weight. the reason I think this is if I get my haircut etc all these girls I'm friends with say it looks good etc. older women tend to tell me that I'm handsome, cute or good looking. girls always tend to smile at me some I don't know. if I run into a girl that one of my friends knows better than me and they are with me I tend to get a smile they just get a 'hi'. clubs my buddies have to ask girls I get aproached a lot by girls asking to dance or start grinding on me. gotten looks/ compliments from some of the mroe attractive girls too.


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