What is an "ugly" guy to attractive women?

like I seen some guys who look OK, even slightly above average in looks strike out because her and her friends said he was ugly, but he looked fine, like wth, what exactly makes him ugly ?


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  • Well someone who is ugly like by looks is just a guy with an unattractive face, it varies per girl. But I personally can think a guy looks ugly when he does douchebag things, like if he's at a party and he's texting the whole time he just looks ugly to me.

    • i totally get that same thing for a girl if she does that it just kinda makes them less attractive to a person, kinda pisses you off too like hey your at a party enjoy yourself and stop trying to look so important lol

    • Yeah, it's just a complete turn off when guys try to look better than the situation or bored by it, at least to me.

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