Am I all the things he's saying?

I went on a date with a guy yesterday, we'd met briefly before but never as an official date. Before we met, he'd said I was beautiful and my personality was amazing. We watched a film, cuddled and kissed. I never usually kiss on a first date but there seemed to be chemistry on both sides as he kissed me back. A few times in the date he asked if I'd go for dinner with him this week. Also, he tried to put his hand in my trousers and tried to put mine down his. I told him no on numerous occasions, which in the end he seemed like he'd accepted my decision. The next day I text him as usual and didn't hear anything back till that night (usually he texts me most of the day and always texts good morning). The text said 'I'm sorry but meeting you was a mistake, your not my type and I'm not interested, I haven't got a nice thing to say about you. You're too fat (which I am trying to lose weight-im 14stone and 5ft9) he also said I'm not very pretty, I had a small spot on my face which he said was disgusting and made him feel sick (it wasn't even noticeable) he said I couldn't kiss, and he said I didn't smell nice (yet I had showered, deodorized and perfume before he got there). He also said I don't compare to his ex girlfriend, because she was a size 10, bought £100 bottles of champagne, stayed in 5* hotels, and wore £1000 pair of shoes.

The guy who has said this to me, is probably 18-20stone himself, he isn't the best looking of people (but I looked past that originally) he also doesn't have a job and is on job seekers allowance so he too doesn't have the money to do as his ex did.

Is he saying all those horrible things to me to make himself feel better and make me feel horrible or is he saying those things because they're the truth?


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  • He is a looser and a big hole, he just wanted to play with you I think ,

    better to forget about that guy


    hey don't be sad, it can't be truth about you okk :)

  • That guy is a stooooopid loooooooser... A di*k too. Don't listen to him. He's just trying to make you feel bad.


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