Why does he always call me cute?

We'll be talking or something and he'll randomly say, "You're cute" and because it's so out of the blue, I ask why he said it and 9.8/10 he'll never have an answer.
For the record this is a longtime boyfriend and only reason I'm questioning is because sometimes he'll say it when I've gotten dressed up sort of(put on make up, wore a nicer top than usual), and it'd be nice to hear 'pretty' or 'beautiful', which are two words that are rare and it's not that I need them all the time, I just don't always want to be cute and feeling like a little kid...


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  • If he's calling you that way then he probably have a crush on you. I don't usually say to a girl if she's cute unless she ask me "how do I look?" that's when I tell her and if she's ugly as f*** then I would probably make up an excuse of not telling her how she looks, thankfully I've never had ugly girls in my life and never dealt with them and I hope I won't cause I'd probably choke myself if I'd get that question but yeah.. if she's telling you're cute then he's probably into you :)

    • Well, we have been dating seriously for over a year now, so I hope so. :)

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    • It's just a matter of not always wanting to feel like a kid, when I'm not short and I'm not 5, I'm 21. And I don't mind being cute, just not all the time, sometimes I would rather be pretty or beautiful, which I don't think is that horrible of a thing, it's natural. I'm happy with him, just confused to why it always feels like I'm one of his short little friends, than a girlfriend who he loves.

    • You're making such a drama out of it, seriously. What the hell is wrong if he's calling you CUTE when you're dressed up? Why it has to be necesarrily the beautiful word? Would you be satisfied if she'd call you "beautiful"? I don't think he's treating you like a kid just because he's calling you cute. You should know that better than me, if he would have treat you like a kid then I don't think you'd be with him right now, now would you?

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  • It's his way of showing verbal affection. It's easier to say than, "I love you". As for his choice of the word "cute", maybe that's his preferred word for someone who looks nice. Mine for my last girlfriend was "hot". Buy him a thesaurus for his birthday or Christmas and bookmark synonyms for "cute". It's a nicer way of taking a jab at his lack of vocabulary.

    • He has no problem with saying I love you, never has since we started saying it. And like I said, I just don't want to feel like a little kid for the rest of our lives...

    • Then just ask him, "Why do you always say cute? Instead of pretty, beautiful, etc..."

      Better to get an answer from the source than a stranger. He'll understand, as long as your not confrontational about it.

  • he wants to flirt but he's failing the right time xD

  • He just thinks you re cute and he wants to let you know...isnt that enough?or should we complicate it?return the compliment.


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  • Are you under 5'? Then that may be part of the reason. I'm under 5 and get called cute all the time because of it. Short = cute

    • I'm sorry I had to read this twice to get the meaning. Literally, I thought you were saying you were 5 years old, not 5 feet.

    • Nope, 5'7, not that much shorter than him.

    • @JoTree --- ja, that second 5 I typed, maybe should've put an apostrophe but I didn't want to repeat myself.

  • Maybe because he finds you cute? Lol. It's obviously not a bad thing. Be happy about it. =)


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