Would you mind if your partner follows celebs who had plastic surgery everywhere?

I would mind a lot. First of all they had plastic surgery on their bodies and faces. Fake boobs, fake big ass, thick lips due to fillers, sharp fake nose, fake cheek bones, etc. What’s more interesting is that their before photos are very different than what they looked like now (they all had the ‘Instagram Face’) If my boyfriend follows them and liking their pictures that shows he’s supporting them for fitting into society’s unrealistic beauty standards. Plus I didn’t get plastic surgery that’s why I will never look like them and have a body like them. He might be less attracted to me if he follows too many Instagram models. A matured guy will be able to tell that all Instagram models look the same, and he should understand that they make girls feel insecure with their bodies and faces. Therefore not following them shows he doesn’t support unrealistic beauty standards, if he’s following a natural beautiful woman with no plastic surgery whatsoever I wouldn’t care. As long as she doesn’t get work done on her face and body. Guys these days in my country now admire Instagram models, Kylie Jenner & the Kardashians. They had no idea that they got work done that’s why they follow if they tell all their fans they had work done they will lose lots of followers. They even think when girls finish puberty, their lips will be thick, nose smaller and sharper, boobs will be much bigger and ass will be very big too. Look is one thing, staring or lusting is totally not ok. To be honest when I was a crazy fan of the Kardashians and Jenner I felt the need to save up my money to go to a plastic surgeon and I used to think “when I grow up I will have a body like Kylie’s” now that I’m 23 my ass is not as big as Kylie’s. I unfollowed them when I was 19 after doing lots of research about them. Their before and after photos shocked me the most.
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A mature guy should know that those celebs and Instagram models had work done on their face and bodies if they never had plastic surgery they will look better. Social media expects girls to have the Instagram face or else they’re unattractive. I won’t be surprised if more guys these days expect girls to have these features and body
Would you mind if your partner follows celebs who had plastic surgery everywhere?
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