Does he like me more than a friend?

so I have this guy friend who I am super close we are always talking and passing notes in class with we are both finishing up our first year of high school he is a year he is a musician with a beautiful voice has the smarts and a sweet guy he doesn't have an ego and isn't really flirty with other girls but he recently told me he won't be @ our school next year but will be transferring to a public school (we both go to private) that same day some1 comes up to us and asks if we will see each other after the school year ends (which happened to be in about 2-3 weeks) b4 he had a chance to answer I said no as to protect myself from hearing a similar disappointing answer out of his mouth I always assume the worst... anyway that day he started getting beyond flirty with me playing footsie all the time sitting on my lap and vice versa even using every moment to touch him (not sexually or anything) for example if I have to get to a certain place he will block the way with his hands so I must move his hands in order to go or holding my hand once I try to move his hand out of my way or gripping it lingeringly he is kinda shy until you get to know him and I have known him for a year now and the flirting he has been doing for a week now is something I have never seen him do with anyone all year... one of the nosy people in our grade was snooping for info and when asked what was going on under the table in class he told the nosy girl I just stepped on his foot and he stepped on it back once which wasn't true at all we played full on footsie without our shoes for a good hour almost everyday class we had together... I only have a good 10 days left with him and I don't want to ask him out ... no doubt he knows I already like him but will he ask me out?/ what does this all mean!?!?!?what can I do to help him ask me out if he does like me more than a friend?


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