Why did his eyes start to water up?

I use to like this guy who acted like he liked me also. But he ended up having a girlfriend and I was hurt when I found out because I felt he was just playing with me then, although I don't think he is that kind of guy. Not sure why he acted like he liked me.

Several months have passed and I don't feel like I use to about him because of how everything played out. I think he can tell when we speak now that I don't have that same shy way and interested attitude around him.

But in any case, he came around and was talking to me yesterday and would only look at me when I wasn't looking and then when I look at him he would look away, but I could see that he would look back at me in my peripheral vision once I was looking down, etc. I looked back up and then noticed that his eyes became watery, to the extent that I could even see this from several feet away because he was starting to walk off backwards, but he wouldn't make eye contact and then walked away.

Why would a guys eyes start to water in the presence of a woman who use to like him?


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  • Sometimes just certain thoughts make your eyes water, it really could have been anything. It could have been a coincidence, it's happend to me when talking to girls over nothing really. Or he could have been disappointed in something I.e. He figured you didn't like him anymore.


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