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Hey, I am looking for some help planning out a workout sheet for this summer and future workouts. Anyone out there with some advice or their own workout plans they could share with me, it would help greatly. Thanks guys and take care.
Also, I am wondering about when to workout? I have a friend that would do it twice a day, with a 45 minute workout in the morning just doing various lifting and then later in the day he would go for heavy weight training. He said it worked out well for him.


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  • Don't use any "dietary supplements" or sh*t like that, just get yourself the protein you need from food (lots of meat) and be sure to eat after every workout. If you plan to do extensive workouts be sure to rest few days to recover properly or you can do less demanding training on a daily basis, muscles do need to regenerate. Give most attention to the leg muscles.

    • dude he needs protein not fat! why the hell would he workout if he's gonna waste his time by eating a lot of meet? :P

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    • Haha well I also could use some advice about nutrition as well. But I have also wondered about when to eat. Do you eat some protein before the workout or after and how much would you eat of it? I am just looking for the most effective way.

    • Don't eat before workout. Depending how much you eat you wait

      -small snack - 30 mins

      -normal meal - 1 hour

      -large meal - ~2-3 hours

      After, you can devour the fridge.

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