What kinda Sun In should I use on my hair color?

I want to naturally go a lighter color, more of a blond I'm a medium brown right now, and don't want to bleach it, I spend a lot of time outside... Any suggestions on what to use? I have heard of sun in but someone said it turns their hair orange... Any suggestions?


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  • I have light brown hair, and I used a type of sun-in that was called somethin like Sun-In with Lemon Juice ( lemon juice is actually a natural hair lightener) and instead of making my hair blonder it made some streaks tinted orange. I use to use lemon juice which works realllly well and made blond streaks really emerge, however I think it may be damaging to hair, considering its pure acid lol. I've heard that green tea works well, probably the kind that you can brew at home. Hope this helps :)


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  • Sun in hair lightener


    I use it and it really does work.

  • i used it, the high lighting one and it worked pretty well


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