Exactly how important is what a guy wears?

Ok so this question is directed at the girls but guys if you have any idea about how girls think about this then you can answer too. Anyway I've seen a lot of questions where a guy asks about how important what he wears is to girls and a lot of the time I see answers where they say he has to wear (for example, but it was a pretty common answer) something dressy, like a button up. If it wasn't that then they were saying oh you can't wear x,y, or z either. Now I know not every girl thinks like this ( I hope lol), but what's wrong with a guy wearing what he likes or he thinks he looks good in? Take me for example. I wear like either sporty stuff or I guess you would call it urban kind of style or something, I don't like that dressy kind of stuff. Now don't get me wrong I know there's times to get dressed up and stuff but it's not stuff I wear that much. Back to my main point: what's so wrong with us wearing what we like? I don't think a person guy or girl should have to switch up their style just for somebody else's sake. Like with me I like and can appreciate girls wearing all kinds of different styles. If that's what they like, cool. Sorry didn't mean to get my rant on lol but just wanted put some stuff out there and want to hear some opinions. Thanks.


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  • As the girls have said, they usually aren't too picky, as they've said. However, it's obvious that girls like an at least somewhat well dressed guy.

    I am on one end of the spectrum. Complete metrosexual haha. Love my clothes, love to go shopping for clothes, all that stuff. Wearing suits is a joy I get to apply not very often.

    On the other end of the spectrum are people who wear their sweats to work everyday, and throw their college jersey on top. BAD.

    A healthy medium is great, I would say. Don't worry about what ALL girls think, as they obviously have different opinions, but take some advice from your girlfriend/ girl who is a friend. This doesn't mean throw your wardrobe away. Keep what you really think you look good in, and wear it when you want, even if your girlfriend/ girl who is a friend isn't impressed.

    Overall, my answer is a bit long, and maybe unhelpful, but I would say keep some aspects of what you like, but don't adhere to one strict fashion. Occasionally go out of your comfort zone, try something new, and see how the crowd reacts.


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  • If a guy looks bad, then nice clothes will make him look better. But if a guy is hot then the simplest clothes that show off his looks and body are enough. They don't have to make that much of an effort because whatever will look good on their bodies. But yeah, clothes say a lot about a person, they convey their style, likes, dislikes, spending habits, musical tastes, everything.

  • As long as he looks good and is fly his style doesn't have to be 1 particular thing, as long as he don't look bummy or like he doesn't know what year it is

  • I don't care so much what a guy wears as long as it fits well. However, you can tell a lot about a guy by his style. If he wears tight jeans and a John Deere hat, he's likely a farmer, etc.


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