Are you one of those girls who don’t use makeup?

I used to wear makeup often because I used to buy them for cosplay. If I only use it 6 times and not use finish all of it it will be a waste so I used it very often. Now I stopped cosplaying and I don’t see the need to buy makeup. I realised my skin looks much better when I don’t wear makeup for more than 1 year. Less dull looking to be honest, to me my skin didn’t really like makeup, makeup always damaged my skin due to my skin being sensitive to certain chemicals or ingredients. I don’t buy subscribe to beauty boxes online because to me it’s a waste on my money since I don’t use makeup anymore and I already found a skincare brand which suits my skin. People who subscribe usually love to try all different types of makeup and skincare but I’m afraid my skin will not react well if I use so many different products I just wanna play safe just because it works for you doesn’t mean it will work for me. I remembered I used to love Etude house, urban decay lipsticks and Missha but since my skin is very fragile I stopped loving makeup
Are you one of those girls who don’t use makeup?
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