Ladies what does it take for a guy to get your number?

Assuming you'll probably never see him again except for that one instance, the conversation was pretty minimal he made you smile a little and he was cute. Could he say something along the lines of like "Hey well you're pretty cute, would you like to hang out sometime?" Feel free to make adjustments to this line or clarify what more is needed before you'd feel comfortable giving him your number.


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What Girls Said 1

  • yeah honestly just be upfront about it and be like "hey I'd like to get to know you bette can I get your number?" or something straightforward and to the point like that. good luck=)


What Guys Said 1

  • not a good idea to try and get a girls number on the first meeting. she may be giving it to you to "be nice" and not actually be interested. id wait till you at least see her again, that way she won't think your a creep or w/e

    when you do ask, just say hey wanna grab lunch on this day at yada yada. if she's cool with u, she'll be like yeah sure, and hand you the number.

    some guys are lucky enough to not even have to ask for the number, and that takes skill and courage on her part. all you gotta do is be mr. charming and hope that she thinks your good looking, some girls just can't resist not giving you it (without you asking)


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