Its been two years and I'm still not over her. What to do?

I idealized a women where admiring her help improve my life style. I suffer from a severe case of OCD that only got worse on medication. From here I told her how much she meant to me, and how this admiration brought many issues of my life into the spot light. Frankly, the meds caused EPS and it was a world of hurt afterwords. I was a complete asshole towards her.

It has been nearly 2 years since that last time I talked to her. Things got really serious between each other; nearly to the point where we were both going to file what would be equivalent to restraining orders. She followed me around, hounded me, just for me to respond in hatred. Heck, if I didn't joke around by one of her hints that she wanted a relationship, we could have been together.

I still think of her and make up scenarios on how things could have played out or what is to come. We'll be in the same university next year in which, hopefully, her faculty is far away from mine. But I wish the medication didn't come between us. I wasn't being myself under any means.

But I want to move on and not dwell on this anymore. I've read a bunch of things online and non of them have been successful or driven me to think the methods were plausible. Cheers on input.


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  • talk to her, she might understand (:

    • I really don't think that is a good idea.

    • Why would you suggest that btw?

    • because I wish everyday that my ex would want back with me :)

What Guys Said 1

  • - Just talk to loads and loads of people, soon enough you'll be bored of your own sad story.

    • haha, I'm not interested in constantly analysing this anymore. I see the point, but, I dunno...I don't really want to relive it until I'm "bored" of it.

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