Chicks still dig that Bon Jovi Look?

Would chicks (sorry if you take that offensive, by no means intended) still find an 80s Bon Jovi look hawt stuff, or that classic glam rock look? Ones that are not in their 30s+ anyways. :p


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  • just be yourself. if that's your look,then rock it out


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  • 80's is "In" with some circles of peoples...

    Girls dig it that you would be into, don't sweat it!

  • Bon Jovi only looked like Bon Jovi 'cos he couldn't look like Nikki Sixx ;)

    I used to be seriously into 80s glam fashion, girls LOVED it. Seriously, LOVED it. Its a different crowd than you find on this website though. Girls in the music scene will go crazy for you. I've moved away into a more 1970s Glam/1960s Proto-Punk look, mixed with womens fashion, now, which is still very glam but much more toned down. I still get a lot of attention =]

    Its all about how you carry it, like the Anon said, 'dont try to be a rockstar, unless you are a rockstar'. But honestly? The only way to be a rockstar is to just be a rockstar.

    • but all those chicks don't. Hahaa. xD

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    • Hahha, that's talented, man, to have writing on your hair

  • chicks never liked the look. They only digged Bon Jovi per se. He's a rock star. Plus he makes rock for women. He wins. Don't try to be a rock star, unless you're a rock star.


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