I hate my tattoo and don’t know how to hide it?

So I got this tattoo about a year ago, I was stupid. I was 19 and I wanted a rose done so bad on my forearm and this tattoo I planned out for years, it has a lot of significance, or so I thought. Unfortunately, I always was the person that told myself and friends I would never be dumb and get tatted from someone I didn’t trust or know. One day my friends and I went to this tattoo place that does walk ins (red flag in case anyone is thinking about it) and I just told the guy I wanted a detailed rose. The guy did not care enough to admit he was not skilled enough to do the detailed rose picture I gave him. My friend went first, she’s more hippie and has a million random tats so she didn’t care. Hers came out absolutely beautiful, so after seeing hers I trusted the guy. When mine was done, I realized I made a huge mistake. The shading is just horrible, the ink looks cheap. I have very religious family I live with and I’ve literally somehow hidden this tattoo from everyone besides my friends for a year. I’ve wanted to get it removed because I feel it’s way too big. And I’m so upset at myself because this was supposed to be a very meaningful tattoo and I trusted the wrong person. I am skinny and my arms are very small so I feel it looks huge on my forearm. My job just said we are getting short sleeve shirts for summer and I feel so insecure about this tattoo and the cost of removal is so expensive. I will get it removed eventually but it is something I do not want to show.. is there any products I can put on that completely get rid of it it? I’ve tried makeup/foundation and my arm just looks cakey and so obvious. So I was wondering if there’s any tattoo cover up product that really works besides makeup and doesn’t look like I covered anything up? Im gonna need a great product for the start of the summer until I can get it removed.
I hate my tattoo and don’t know how to hide it?
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