If I'm constantly getting rejected by male hiring manager, advice?

If I usually get rejected by msle hiring staff, and the people that usually hire me for jobs are older women, does that mean I'm probabaly unattractive to men? ( restaurant jobs, small companies like boutique stores)

Im hired usually quickly, though but it seems to be that the majority of the time, I get hired when an older woman is in charge...

Thoughts... I know its a silly question...
bump bump...


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  • That's hard to say. I really can't tell you whether it is your appearance that is the problem. It really shouldn't be, but I do know that a lot of places now expect and look for certain qualities. I know I overheard a conversation with a few of the people in my class in college and they were talking about this restaurant that only hired people that looked like models, even for just COOKS! I personally think that is outrageous. I understand a neat appearance, you don't want someone to be serving or cooking you food that looks like they hopped out of a dumpster. But to be so critical and choosey over appearance I think is wrong.

    But it's hard to tell what the case is for these jobs, I have no idea. But I know that these types of jobs are the kind that are more critical on appearance. So it is possible. But don't beat yourself up, a lot of people get rejected for that reason from places that discriminate on appearance. Very few people get hired to these places, so it just goes to show how ridiculous the standards can be.


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