What type of hints are you looking for?

So, guys, what type of subtle hints are you looking for from a girl, how do you know if they are interested in you? What kind of hints do you want from us?


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  • ha sky writting might be needed:)

    Two words you should never use together when trying to get a boy to notice you are subtle and hint :)

    but if you wanted to show you intent, a smile, exteneded face contact (by that I mean don't just look him in the eye, look at all his mouth cheeks nose as if you like what you see) and maybe some physical contact like a repeated stroke on the arm when you talk to him

    And then even that won't get through to him...I know I personally like bluntness in a girl...


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  • It's way too hard for us guys to find out if a girl is interested so a "subtle hint" wouldn't work,well at least not for me. I would still be completely clueless or oblivious to whether or not she was interested.

  • Well if I actually knew, I would tell you. I want obvious hints so that I (an oblivious idiot when it comes to this) can get these hints.

  • Sky writing


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