What do guys see on her?

I've been wondering what is it that guys see in my best friends that gets them so obsessed with her? I've known her forever and it's never been like this until last year when she had her first boyfriend. He liked her veery much and she did not like him at all, she's so insecure that she went out with him anyways and then dumped him and started making fun of him for being desperate when he was just in love with her, then she started going out with his best friend (who turns out is also my ex) and in the mean time mislead another guy into thinking she liked him, and yes he is now also in love with her. I can't say that she's not pretty because she has a beautiful face, but we have been told many times that we look like twins, and honestly she has always had wight issues and doesn't have a good body... so that gets me thinking what do they see on her especially after what she's done?

P.S: she's obviously not my best friend now that she's dating my ex


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  • I would not understand what guys would see in her either, but I think in the same way that most girls are attracted to guys that are jerks or guys that treat them bad. There are guys out there that are attracted to girls that are no good for them. For some reason those with "jerky" type of personalities are attractive to some and it is a true mystery as to why.


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