What do a person look for in remarriage?

why do some people after a failed marriage try to choose someone who is different from the first spouse. What is the reason behind someone marrying an ugly person after the first marraige with an attractive partner fail. In case the guy is good looking than his spouse who is unattractive. The previous partner was very stunning to look at. What is the reason for the striking difference. What is the possibility of the second marraige failing?


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  • Though Minxxe put it rather forcefully and I agree in part with what she is saying, I have noticed that we can associate certain physical characteristics with the all the other real reasons we are not with our partner. I have a girlfriend who was repelled by the idea of dating someone younger, shorter and skinnier than her (which her ex was all of the above). Her fiance is older, taller and no skinny minny. It is quite obvious that she is not with him because of that, but she just could not stomach dating someone that reminded her of her ex. I have other friends who just cannot work up any physical attraction to someone who reminds them of their ex's.

    Beyond that, we can tend to date someone who emotionally matches certain traits that may not be what we really need, but make us feel comfortable. I had no idea I was doing that until I finally really looked at it and realized I was initially attracted to men who were as emotionally aloof as my father. Down the road I would lose my attraction but that pattern kept repeating until I finally addressed it. I then had to look for the man who was not clingy but also not keeping his distance.


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  • passion

  • love


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  • what the hell are you talking about? you don't get married to someone because they're attractive or ugly, you marry someone different because you do not wish to make the same mistake twice presumably, their looks have little to do with it unless you're an imbecile who places unecessary importance on those things.

    why do you not say, if your first spouse didn't like animals, then you married someone who loves animals the second time around, that's a better indicator of whether or not that person will be a better spouse.

    an ugly man is no kinder or better than an attractive man, same as an attractive man will not be a better husband because he spends more time looking in the mirror.

    • I love your answers. And I love animals. Will you marry me?

    • LMFAO, OK then I've got some time next week if you'll fly me to the Caribbean?! ;0)

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