Anyone tried vector force shampoo?

it is by L'Oreal and it`s not really cheap... has anyone tried it?


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  • No. I used to by more expensive shampoo, but then I found the Suave Professionals line which you can get for, like, $2 at walmart lol. I like the moisturizing almond shea butter one, but there are other types too.

    • really which one did you buy before suave professinals? kerastase?

      unfortunatelly I live in europe and we don`t have walmart...

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    • uh one my hairdresser used kerastase on me and my hair felt so great! but this was a little bit too expensiv for me

      didn`t it work on you?

    • It did, but I am only a college student and can't pay $40 on shampoo lol. It's a nice treat when I go to the hairdresser though :D

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