What should I do to make him notice me? Wear pretty clothes? Look at him?

OK, so I liked this boy, and I told it to a girl (who of course told it to him). And like a year after he suddenly started to talk to me over MSN.

We started to talk about music because we liked the same music. We started talking about other things to, and suddenly he got a girlfriend. After that he started to talk to me about how long he talked with her in the phone and stuff...

Suddenly we just stopped talking over MSN, and I deleted him. OK, I don't know why I did that... I guess I was kinda irritated at him because he was briefing about his girlfriend to me and stuff. Now he is single By the way.

I still has him on skype, but no way I'm starting a conversation. I'm not good at talking to guys and I'm not popular. What should I do to make him notice me? Wear pretty clothes? Look at him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He may be being an idiot and turning to you whenever he has nothing "better" to do. He probably remembers that you once liked him whenever he feels lonely/bored/rejected so he starts to chat with you. When he doesn't need/want you he puts you off by talking about how much he loves talking to his girlfriend.

    You really do not need to change yourself for this guy (or any guy for that matter) because he's not being very sincere or respectful. Sorry if this hurt to read - don't bother with him. Find a nice guy.


What Girls Said 1

  • def. look at him, and then make sure he looks back and then just look away. also wear something that will just make him notice you. maybe like wear heels one day if you don't and then make sure he notices you in them and also walk in front of him, and then maybe just kinda ask him for help on something. and smile!


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