How do I completely change my body figure this summer?

i really want to change my look and look really fit after this summer. I want to completely shock everyone. what should I do?


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  • Shock everyone. Love yourself and tell them you don't give a f**k what they think of you. You are a beautiful woman.


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  • i know, you should go to the gym!


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  • You need a personal makes a huge difference working with weights and focus on your abs and bum

    • expensive!

    • yeah I know but maybe try a couple times and do on your own or share it with someone, or date him lol...

    • LOL

  • probably you should post a pic because it is hard to say what to do without knowing how you look

    • can't it's having some problems.

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    • hmm probably you shouldn`t change anything or only try some different make ups you already sound pretty of course everyone has sometimes the desire to change something ha ha one day I wish I had black hair one day I wish I was blond but probably you should just bu happy about how you look...

    • ye I know right! but I just really wanna change my image this summer. and I really don't know how

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