Would you look up a past crush for a rebound?

after a break up would you look up a past crush to get over your break up like a rebound


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  • Looking up a past relationship that went nowhere to get over a current relationship that went nowhere. No, I wouldn't do that.


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  • I would not. It would play with my heart and my head a wee too much. And possibly theirs.

    • hmmmm what do you mean that it would play wid your heart and theirs as well ...sorry I am on a slow one lol

  • yes

    • does that mean that your usin your past crush and that you actually don't have any feelin towards her?

    • no, means that if she was a crush then I could like her again, but if it was a crush I never got to go out with, then chances are I never stopped liking her in the first place

  • It depends, If I still like her, find her attractive, etc. Surely. If she was more than a crush, like if we had been in an actual relationship, I don't think so.


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