Guys- Would you flirt if you had a girlfriend?

I really like this guy but he has a girlfriend =[ but he is always looking at me during class and I used to look back a lot when I thought he was single, now I don't do it as often. Since I stopped being so flirtatious, he has almost bumped into me multiple times and I still catch him looking a lot! SO what's up? Why would he do this if he has a girlfriend? I saw his girlfriend and she wears baggy clothes and no makeup(I'm not knocking her because I don't know her, I'm just saying), and I wear nice clothes and make sure I look good. So guys- would you eye flirt even if you had a gf?


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  • Hell yeah, having a girlfriend doesn't mean every other girl that walks the earth is hideous and not relationship material. It's healthy and human to keep checking other people out. It's fun, it's a constant check if you still like your girlfriend enough and it's an ego boost to know other girls like you too. Having a relationship doesn't mean you should stop flirting, it merely means that in the end you don't go through with it because you know there's someone much better waiting for you.


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  • No, in fact I just act unimpressed and indifferent about other girls when I'm in a relationship. And of course they find that attractive and want to talk to me more. Pretty f*cked up.

    • That is F*ed up! They probably enjoy the chase =]

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    • It's just frustrating because it's like "Where were you when I was single? Oh right, I wasn't as attractive when I wasn't taken..."

    • I think it has to do with the fact that you are obviously desirable because you are in a relationship. So the women want what they can't have and hit on you. I liked this guy before I knew he had a girlfriend. Now that I know I've backed off, but he has been more forward.

  • Well guys' eyes go to things by nature, sometimes we look at things and don't me to at all (we do it without thinking sometimes)


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