Why is it that micro braids seem to have a bad reputation?

I just got micro braids yesterday as a protective style to get a "break" from my hair. I wanted to know why is it that people seem divided on the issue? I met people who have nice hair and they have had micros and they tell me that they never had a bad experience, then yet again I hear people who said their edges have been falling out. What is it that these people are doing that they have different experiences



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  • I don't know much about micro braids, other than that I like the way they look, but here is a link that discusses proper treatment of micro braids. idk, but I would think maybe the people who had bad experiences didn't necessarily adhere to these guidelines as well as they could have.

    • thank you best answer

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  • Because the tiny braids pull your hair tightly and people do get breakage and lose their edges from them. I've never had them but I've heard many people say they've lost edges. It probably all depends on multiple things like how strong your hair was before getting them braided, how tight the braider braided them, how you maintained the micros and how long you left them in.

    • i agree but any style can damage your hair if you don't go through the proper measures to keep it maintained, that could mean sewn in weaves, dyed hair, heat straightened hair, relaxers(I have seen girls with no edges

  • It can damage your hair, but it can look really good on certain people, I like it on people with black hair.

    • Black hair as in black hair color? Or black hair as in African American hair? We all have different hair textures by the way. My hairb is naturally curly

    • Black hair as in color :) But I think it's really cute so you have nothing to worry about

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