Does he still like me?

okay so there's a guy I met and he lives an hour away from me and after we met we started to text each other every day. he would say stuff like your beautiful, I might like you, etc. and so then after a while he came out but I got really shy and so it wasn't the best but then later we would text each other and it would be fine. then one time my friend was talking to him and she asked if he liked me and he said he thought he did or does, but in texts he likes me but in person I acts totally different he said. so I came out to where he lives to hang out and not be shy, to show him that its all good and he even wanted to take a walk with me alone, but when I got there he wasn't able to hang. and wen I texted him that night he was sort of distant? and I used to text him every day but now I havnt texted him and he hasn't texted me for like 3 days now. should I text him, or is that too needy? did he get tired of me or somethin? I really need advice! and maybe flirting tips?


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  • wait a while.


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