Guys- why doesn't he want me?

OK so I'm asking this anonymously so I can pretty much tell the truth without sounding stuck up or anything, but :

I'm told I'm pretty hot, I've got DD boobs and I'm quite skinny, I've got long brunette hair and I'm about 5"6, my friends say my face looks like the face of a china doll, so I'm guessing you got a pretty good idea by now.

i ALWAYS buy him amazing presents, eg. phones etc.

I'm always there for him, and always invite him places (he's never once invited me round or out, always me)

i provide him with a pretty good sex life, whenever, whatever, wherever, and I seriously care about him and love him.

we've been going out nearly a year now, and he still just doesn't give a sh*t about my feelings, meeting up, or getting me anything, and he seems reluctant to spend time with me etc, yet he clearly loves me deep down, I know that for sure...what do I do?


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  • I think what you're doing wrong is the things that you have listed as what you are doing right.

    If you're doing all of these for him even if he acts like he doesn't care about you at all, well, why would he ever put any effort to your relationship?

    Everything is going perfectly smooth for him, even though he treats you like a random stranger. Win-Win for him, sort of.

    I learned by experience (and through a broken heart) that if you do everything for a person that does nothing for you, it will eventually become a one-way relationship, like it is in yours.

    I might be wrong though. But if I am right, you need to talk to him about this. Tell him how you feel neglected even though you believe you are doing everything for him. The way he responds will pretty much determine both the progress and the productivity of the conversation.

    Good luck!



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  • Maybe he's not ready for a real relationship, is scared of actual commitment and/or feels like there's some sort of pressure involved. Take a step back, give him a little time to remember how good he has it, and he'll be thinking about you more. Don't leave him, don't give him the cold shoulder, just spend a little less time with him (and money on him) and he'll miss what he had.

  • Do about what?


What Girls Said 2

  • He probably doesn't really love you, he may say he does, but he probably only wants you for sex. A lot of guys are pigs. ha ha You need to dump his ass. You could get a way better guy that treats you the way you want and should be treated girl.

  • I think that you're trying wayy to hard.. I'm sure that he probably still love you very much but have you looked at this from a different perspective? relationship isn't just about the hot looks, *expensive* presents and sex. Maybe all he really wanted was a romantic dinner made by You. He doesn't give a crap about the ouside looks maybe he cares about what's deep down inside you. Have you ever changed? from a pure innocent girl to something else? that Might be the problem, but then again he Never invited you out on a date..

    It's either he wants the old you back or he's just not exactly sure about this relationship..


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